Friday, July 9, 2010

Mid year check in. Lots of photos

Wow, hard to believe that I have not updated since January. Uggh! I think about it all the time, but never seem to make my way to the computer to get the job done. Such a shame, because I know I am missing so many opportunities to document all the fun that Team Hatfield has been having. And, there might be a friend or family member that would love to see an updated photo of T5.

It is also hard to believe that Thomas is 19 months old (in just a few short days).
Things he loves:
Yo Gabba Gabba, Outside (would live out there is we would let him), lawn mowie (mower), blocks, books, his version of golf, being chased, his tractor, brushing his teeth, his guitar, his thumb and belly button, anything that involves playing w us. Loves to help me bake
He loves his Momma all the time. Loves to to do what ever dad is doing: mowing, wearing a tie, putting on deodorant, flossing, .... the list goes on.

Loves to eat... especially fruit & veggies. Very good with spoon and fork. Learning to drink from "big" cup

He melts my heart when:
*he clasps his hands together for prayer time and gives an occasional amen.
* gives kisses and hugs. He is very affectionate.
* calls out "mamma or daddy". Gets so excited to see us, does a dance, squeal and runs into our arms.
*laughs (a lot)
* says "I sorry"
* "tank you" (thank you)
* really everything about him melts my heart

Every day he learns a new skill and new word. Sometime will help you count to 5. Working on colors, numbers and letters. We are so proud to be his parents.

What we have been up to:
Celebrating Mother's day, birthday's (my 35th), Father's day, dinner w precious friends, Uncle Scott getting married, going to the zoo & museum, swim lessons, baking cakes, yucky sick days, going to visit Gana in Kentucky, weddings, baby showers, loving our full and blessed life.

Enjoy the photos in no specific order.

Swim Lessons
Big Tex and the lovely Brooke Ashley. I am holding my sweet friend Grace.

I can see into the future w this photo. Lounging in his chair, rubbing his belly, and sucking his thumb. Hopefully the thumb sucking won't last long

Again, thumb sucking and belly rub

his face cracks me up.

His lawn mowie

Sweet Cass, my new sister. Love her. Rehearsal dinner
Wedding night. So much fun. Thank you Leslie for helping us look beautiful.

Zoo for Mothers Day. Oh, I love my handsome boys.

Mother's day

I wanna be like dad..... Melt my heart.

Helping mom bake.

I love you this much

Kentucky visit w/ Gana. Great trip, wonderful memories.

Children's Museum. He got more on him than in the bucket.

Sick day,painting Dad's Father's Day card. He loved every minute of the project. He was a mess, but it was so much fun.

Father's Day. Dad got a tie and the "jaw" ear piece for his phone. T5 loves his "tAtoe" = Mr. Potato Head.

Mom's 35 th bday. Headed to Flying Fish and then the pool/splash park

So Much Fun and So much more to come.

We love you all and pray that you savor every day that you have w/ your loved ones.
XXOOXX Team Hatfield

Monday, January 18, 2010

Since we last left you Part II

Seriously, I am a terrible blogger. I wish I would make the time to update daily. There is so much I would love to document for myself, Tommy & Thomas. And, so much to share w/ my long distant family. I am going to do my very best in 2010 to at least blog once a week. Here is a quick recap of Oct-Dec. Later I will post a separate blog all about Thomas' 1st bday w/ lots of photos and Christmas ' 09. Till then here is a recap of the end of our 2009. And, wow what a year. A year of many first and precious, priceless memories. The Lord blessed us tremendously this year. We are healthy, happy, and have a home. It has been a challenging year for me in many ways, yet the growth in my heart and spirit due to the challenges have been the best reward. Thank Lord, for your love and grace.

Tommy's Triathlon. Thomas' first chance to cheer Dad on at the finish line. Dallas Oct 09

Thomas' first trip to the State Fair of Texas. Hello Big Tex and Corney Dog. Team Hatfield Tradition. And, by the smile on Hi face, I think Thomas approves.

Halloween. The sweetest lion you will ever see. He loved to roaaaar! So, dang cute!

Enjoying the Sunshine @Dallas Arboretum on Halloween Day w/ the Stueve's. I LOVE this photo, w. dad's protective hand in the background, not far away.

What a treat. Thanksgiving Day at the Cowboy game w/ family and friends.

Thomas celebrating his 1st bday. I have plenty to post about this special day and lots of photos to come.

Christmas 2009. It feels like this year was Thomas' first Christmas, because last year was such a blur to me. I seriously think I was still on narcotics last year at Christmas, because I don't remember much. Man, sleep deprivation will steal your memory. But, this year. Oh, so much fun!!!

Thomas got to experience a White Christmas. What a special treat!! He did not like the cold snow. Just wanted to look and say "ohhhhhhhhh:!! But, hated to be cold and wet when I sat him down for a photo.

A pro at unwrapping gifts. And HE loves this book. His "KKKK". (Hard k sound.)

Santa brought his first basketball goal. He LOVES it.

First photo on Christmas morning! "What is going on?"

Dad had knee surgery 1 week before Christmas. Still a wonderful, blessed family!

New Years Eve. Friends, Yummy dinner, and an 8:30pm count down.

Thomas and Ryan (his best bud) playing on NYE

What a happy baby boy. Such joy.

Hope your 2009 was full of precious memories too. Here is to a healthy and happy 2010.
Team Hatfield

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Since we last left you...

... it was April. Thomas was 4 months old. We were living w/ coco & hatty while our house was being prepped for move in. 
We finally moved into our home and still "prepping", unpacking, painting, cleaning, need of a few remodeling, hanging pictures.. you get the idea. There is still a lot of work to be done. But, we love our home. We love our neighborhood. I have plenty of ideas for decorating, but that would require six lucky numbers to hit the lottery. A girl can dream. Point is we love our home that the Lord has blessed us with and we are excited about all the memories we will create here. 
All in our little family is healthy and happy, what more can we ask for. Health alone is a blessing and we do not take it for granted.
Here is a recap of our action packed Spring and Summer 2009. Starting w/ most recent:

T5 9 month bday. About 21 lbs

Helping Mom w Laundry

A day at the park w/  Dad & Mom

Summer vacation Warercolor, Florida June 09. 6 months

Montana Vacation  August 09 w/ Cousins, Aunts, & GG. 8 months

Swinging in Montana Aug.  Look at that smile. Pure Joy
Montana Vacation. We truly had the best time. No phones, No tv, No internet. Just the beauty of Nature and time w/ our precious family of 3.
Lake McDonald @ Glacier National Park

Beautiful Baby Boy you are the sunshine in our lives. 8 months on vacation in Glacier National Park after a 1hr 30 min hike.  All smiles as usual.

Hiking in Glacier. Dad loved every minute of hiking w/ you.
Team Hatfield
Aug 09. 8 months bday. Crying when I would not let you eat your bday sign. One of the few times you cry unless hungry or sleepy

Eating 8 month bday sign. Right before the meltdown
8 Months

Entertaining yourself as mom and dad finished dinner.

Mom & Dad in NYC for Dad's triathlon. T5 Stayed home for a fun weekend w/ Coco & Hatty. Yes mom cried the night before they left town. It was her first time away from her angel over night. But, she really enjoyed her vacation w/ Dad

7 months bday
Family pic @ 7 months. We are a good looking family. Is it Ok that I admit that? At least my boys are good looking, you can't deny that.

Swede, Tommy & T5 hard at work on the den lighting. Thanks guys... our den looks AWESOME now!!!
T5 trying a new treat from Gerber. He loves these puffs now. Devours them
First try at a sippy cup. 6 months

Las Vegas Baby. July 09
 July 4th 09. Also,  the first night T5 stood up in his crib. We lowered it as low as it will go the following morning

Family Vacation Watercolor, Florida 09.  We managed to go on the hottest &  most humid week of the year. But,the place is magical & I hope we go back in 2010. I LOVED it. T5's first trip to the beach
T5's first airplane ride from Dallas to Florida. Great story & A complete God thing. I'll share in a later post. 

1st official Mother's Day 2009 and Thomas' baby dedication. What a sweet day will always treasure.

Blurry 6 months bday photo. Impossible to have T5 to sit still and not attempt to eat the sign.
My handsome Hatfield boys. The loves of my life.  Thomas loves to suck his thumb and pinch his neck at the same time.. crazy, but so cute.

May 09. 5 months bday. Before we moved into our new home. Taken at Coco & Hatty's

Wow, Where does the time go. Seriously!  life w/ baby, work, and a move certainly have kept us on our toes. I love every minute of it. Yes, there are some days I get flustered because I don't come close to accomplishing anything on my to do list, but I try to savor every precious moment w/ my family.  I love Tommy more today than the day we exchanged vows. I love Thomas more than I ever thought possible. And I have fallen more in love w/ The God who created them both and has given me this the honor of being their wife and mother. 

I promise to blog more often... for the few family and friends that care. Actually I know there are a few who do care because you want updates on our Love bug, T5.  He just celebrated his 10 month bday and is still a very happy baby. Loves to smile for the camera, loves cars (and everything becomes a car he can push around and make vroom room noises), loves books, loves all food, loves to feed himself, and is showing interest in walking. What a precious joy. 
Thank God for being a father that knows me better than I know myself. For rewarding me a beautiful, healthy family.