Friday, July 9, 2010

Mid year check in. Lots of photos

Wow, hard to believe that I have not updated since January. Uggh! I think about it all the time, but never seem to make my way to the computer to get the job done. Such a shame, because I know I am missing so many opportunities to document all the fun that Team Hatfield has been having. And, there might be a friend or family member that would love to see an updated photo of T5.

It is also hard to believe that Thomas is 19 months old (in just a few short days).
Things he loves:
Yo Gabba Gabba, Outside (would live out there is we would let him), lawn mowie (mower), blocks, books, his version of golf, being chased, his tractor, brushing his teeth, his guitar, his thumb and belly button, anything that involves playing w us. Loves to help me bake
He loves his Momma all the time. Loves to to do what ever dad is doing: mowing, wearing a tie, putting on deodorant, flossing, .... the list goes on.

Loves to eat... especially fruit & veggies. Very good with spoon and fork. Learning to drink from "big" cup

He melts my heart when:
*he clasps his hands together for prayer time and gives an occasional amen.
* gives kisses and hugs. He is very affectionate.
* calls out "mamma or daddy". Gets so excited to see us, does a dance, squeal and runs into our arms.
*laughs (a lot)
* says "I sorry"
* "tank you" (thank you)
* really everything about him melts my heart

Every day he learns a new skill and new word. Sometime will help you count to 5. Working on colors, numbers and letters. We are so proud to be his parents.

What we have been up to:
Celebrating Mother's day, birthday's (my 35th), Father's day, dinner w precious friends, Uncle Scott getting married, going to the zoo & museum, swim lessons, baking cakes, yucky sick days, going to visit Gana in Kentucky, weddings, baby showers, loving our full and blessed life.

Enjoy the photos in no specific order.

Swim Lessons
Big Tex and the lovely Brooke Ashley. I am holding my sweet friend Grace.

I can see into the future w this photo. Lounging in his chair, rubbing his belly, and sucking his thumb. Hopefully the thumb sucking won't last long

Again, thumb sucking and belly rub

his face cracks me up.

His lawn mowie

Sweet Cass, my new sister. Love her. Rehearsal dinner
Wedding night. So much fun. Thank you Leslie for helping us look beautiful.

Zoo for Mothers Day. Oh, I love my handsome boys.

Mother's day

I wanna be like dad..... Melt my heart.

Helping mom bake.

I love you this much

Kentucky visit w/ Gana. Great trip, wonderful memories.

Children's Museum. He got more on him than in the bucket.

Sick day,painting Dad's Father's Day card. He loved every minute of the project. He was a mess, but it was so much fun.

Father's Day. Dad got a tie and the "jaw" ear piece for his phone. T5 loves his "tAtoe" = Mr. Potato Head.

Mom's 35 th bday. Headed to Flying Fish and then the pool/splash park

So Much Fun and So much more to come.

We love you all and pray that you savor every day that you have w/ your loved ones.
XXOOXX Team Hatfield

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Kalee said...

What an awesome update Rhonda! You are so blessed to have such a beautiful wonderful family. It makes me so happy just looking at the sweet sweet pics.